Tinjauan Hukum Administrasi Negara Terhadap Izin Pengelolaan Hutan Pada Dinas Kehutanatera Utara Berdasarkan Peraturan Daerah Nomor 21 Tahun 2002

FENNY KLIDIYAN silitonga, Suria Ningsih, hemat tarigan


Overview of the State Administration Law Against Forest Management Permit In North Sumatra Forest Service Based Local Regulation
No. 21 of 2002


Fenny Klidiyan. S


Forests are very important in the life and environmental conservation that management needs to be improved in order to realize the role and function optimally. On the other hand illegal logging (illegal logging) continues to run so that the forests as the lungs of the world lately can not function as before.

The formulation of the problem in the study of this thesis is: How do forest management permit, how forest management license arrangements according to local regulations No. 21 of 2002, how the State Administration Law enforcement efforts related to rampant illegal logging issue (illegal logging).

The method used is normative research method is a procedure of scientific research to find out the truth based on scientific logic of the normative legal.

As for the forest management permit consists of; forest utilization license, permit utilization of environmental services, permits for harvesting timber and non-timber, each of the production forests and protected areas and permit utilization of timber and non-timber forest production, forest management permission settings appropriate Regional Regulation No. 21 of 2002 was given to the Individual, Cooperative, owned Enterprises Awasta Indonesia, State-Owned Enterprises or Regional Owned Enterprises, issued by the Head of Department on behalf of the Governor after fulfilling the requirements; 1) every forest utilization license holder is obliged to make a plan permits authorized by the Department on behalf of the governor and keep, maintain and preserve his place of business, 2) the implementation of its activities each license holders shall involve forest communities and 3) permission will be granted when it is fulfilling aspects of forest conservation and community welfare. Then, while the State Administration Law enforcement against rampant illegal logging (illegal logging) for an individual or entity that does not have a business license termination forest management activities carried out in the field and legal prosecutions administrative fines or criminal at the same time. As for the individuals or entities that have permission to do; in immediate termination of administrative services, termination of activities on the ground, administrative fines, reduction of the production quota, license revocation and can be given criminal sanctions are applied together cumulative administrative penalties.

Keywords: License, forest management, illegal logging (illegal logging)



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