Devina khusuma, Pendastaren tarigan, suria ningsih



Licence Acquisition Procedures of Forest Concessions in Terms of the Public Administration Law by Law No. 41 of 1999

* Devina Khusuma

** Pendastaren Tarigan

*** Suria Ningsih


Forest is an ecosystem unity in the form of landscape with biological natural resources dominated by trees in their natural environment, one and the other can not be separated. Forests as a grace and mandate of God Almighty bestowed upon the people of Indonesia, is a wealth controlled by the State, giving the benefit banquet for mankind, hence must be grateful, managed, and utilized optimally, and preserved for the greater prosperity of the people, for the present generation and future generations. Based on the above background, the formulation of the problem in this research are:

1. What is the legal basis for acquiring permits concession rights; 2. What is the procedure of acquisition of forest management permits in terms of the law of the State administration; 3. What are the obstacles in the system permits the acquisition of concession rights in Indonesia;

Normative juridical approach is used with a view to an approach to the problem by looking at the terms of the legislation in force, documents and various theories. Normative juridical approach in this study is done by examining the sources of literature relevant to the theme of research, which includes research on the principles of law, sources of law, legislation that theoretical science which can analyze the issues to be discussed.

Conclusion The implementation of the acquisition of forest management permits in writing, often by filling in a specific form that has been provided by the competent authority to issue a permit. Act No. 41 of 1999 on Forestry, Government Regulation No. 21 of 1970 on forest concessions and forest product harvest concessions, Government Regulation No. 7 of 1999 were each holding laws that govern the role of legal subjects such as the rights and obligations of permission. A right is a voluntary role, which means to be executed or not the executed, in contrast to the obligation which means the role that must be carried out.

Suggestions supervising the implementation of the licensing of forest concessions is inadequate, it is necessary to improve the behavior of state officials in the consideration and granting of permits in accordance with applicable regulations. Each license holder can fulfill their rights and duties well.


Keywords: License Acquisition Procedures, Forest Concession, Public Administration Law

*Student of the Faculty of Law, University of North Sumatera

**Mentor I, Lecturer of the Faculty of Law, University of North Sumatera

***Mentor II, Lecturer of the Faculty of Law, University of North Sumatera

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