Muhammad Lufthfy, Affan Mukti, Zaidar zaidar



Muhammad Luthfy*

Affan Mukti, S.H., M.Hum**

Zaidar, S.H., M.Hum***


Management rights is derivations from the right to control the state that the authority implementation some transferred to the holders of rights. Management rights as set forth in the regulations - regulations executor but explicitly not regulated in UUPA but it’s mentioned in the general explanation II number 2 Law - Basic Law there is the term. Managers Utilization in the development of this management rights more sustainable and used with a right according to the allocations and the brook. In the existing regulations management rights can be given to the institution or company both through the conversion or through the announcement of the government/Petition also management rights can be given to the third party in accordance with the use and the allocation with the requirements that have been determined. In other words the rights management is the right given by the state directly to be used.

The problems that are taken in this research is how the implementation of management rights in the framework of the authority of the interests of the task, how legal consequences of land rights that arise above the rights management, and how the rights and obligations of management rights to the state as a warner management rights. This research uses a type of normative research - empirical refers to the rules and the actual condition field action. The source of the data in this research is the primary and secondary data that is equipped with tertiary data that provides an explanation of the primary and secondary legal materials. While the data collection method to combine between the research literature with the observation on the object was directly until the end result is contained in this bachelor thesis.

The implementation of management rights with third parties lead to some rights and obligations stipulated in the agreement of the use of the land. In the giver of management rights to the state of the right to rule over the holders of the management of the authority or its obligations to the state that in this case the holders of the management of wearing state-owned land. In the literature of the legislation - the invitation is not yet that regulate it. for that required law - special laws governing about especially Management Rights and Management Rights holders with giver management rights namely countries.



Key Words : Management rights, competence, Third Party

*College Student Faculty of law University of northen Sumatera

** Supervisor I, Lecture at Faculty of law

*** Supervisor II, Lecture at Faculty of law

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