yandinanti putri hanum siregar, Muhammad yamin, zaidar zaidar


The development of industry and commerce today are also directly affected the development of security institutions themselves, which one of these developments is that good collateral warranties or guarantees perserorangan material. The existence of credit guarantees in this study focused on the right to land on a letter made SK Head transitional land rights to compensation. The existence of land rights on it tied with SK Head to some can be used as collateral for credit. This is due to the government officials and the Head is also the status of PPAT While the presence of SK Head on a piece of land has the flexibility as collateral to obtain credit.

Issues raised in the discussion of this thesis is whether SK Head can be used as collateral on a bank loan, how weaknesses SK Head as loan collateral and how the efforts to highlight the issue of bad loans with SK Head did not happen.

After the discussion and research, it is known SK Head can be used as collateral on a bank loan because SK Head is a letter explaining the status of land ownership. SK Head to the bank as collateral on the debtor prior to the binding power of attorney Impose Mortgage (SKMHT) to later impose new Mortgage after the certificate was issued. Head SK weakness as loan collateral is the decree because its title is called transfer of land rights to compensation. With such a title then SK Head is used as collateral for credit have less power against the land executorial. Moreover, it can happen on the ground that it was made SK Head public land so it is very detrimental to the bank. Efforts are made to highlight the issue of bad loans with SK Head does not happen is to implement a framework of analysis 5C, and 3R. 5C analysis is Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions. While 3R is Returns, Repayment Risk-bearing capacity and ability.




Keywords: Credit, SK Head, Collateral

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