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In referred with the running time kept the human persisted need more land, instead unfortunately thye width of land never going to expand. This matter has a consequence that land play a very important role in human life. In order to fulfill the need on land, it is often emerging various problems regarding land, either on the right of possession upon the land not clear on behalf of law. So it is highly required a special register on land to provide legal power on the land.

Article 19 in The National Agrarian Laws of 1960 stated out that government shall make official land registrartion throughout Indonesia, as it is implemented into PP No. 10 of 1961 Regulations and later completed into PP No. 24 of 1997 Regulations. In regarding the land registration, it has a closed relation with the order rules on land as it has been mentioned in the TAP MPR No. IV/MPR/1978 House Representative Decree. In order to know the existence of land registration officially made for implementing the order officially land of Tebing Tinggi District.

This study adopted an empirical research method. The instrument used in collecting the data, has been done a library research, there got secondary data resourced from the regulation ruled and with the topic discussed. In obtaining the primary data, made with a field research. In this research, visited Kantor Pertanahan – District Land Agency of Tebing Tinggi and involved many local community as sample.

The result in field, the registration of land has been done from early time according to the regulations rule. In order to maintain the data of registration is completely done on the District Land office of Tebing Tinggi. It as highly hope at least to gain the order officially on land registration.


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