PROSEDUR PEROLEHAN IZIN TEMPAT HIBURAN DITINJAU DARI PERSPEKTIF HUKUM ADMINISTRASI NEGARA (Studi Peraturan Daerah Kota Medan No 37 tahun 2002, tentang Pendirian Lokasi Usaha Rekreasi dan Hiburan Umum)

andri yuna ginting, pendastaren tarigan, suria ningsih



* Andri Yuna Ginting

**Pendastaren Tarigan

***Suria Ningsih

Field Town as Government running and upholding regulation want in expection of activity of development and pengolaan night club, specially in levying of building night club created orderliness and regularity in the night club development execution. Town government specially on duty tourism claimed to pull back and overcome to problem of execution of By Law Number 11 Year 2011 about Iease Entertainment amusement in order not to harm all, besides also out for municipal administration think of how in performing the straightening of law, and efforts what require to be in menimalkan to transgression that happened and also think of the effort process the repair to the fore.

Internal issue Formula this research : arrangement punish to the of hotspot permit, procedure of acquirement of hotspot permit evaluated from in perpective punish the administration of state and action of Pemko Field if there place which  not have the permit and to owning permit.

Method used in this writing skripsi yuridis normatif, its meaning [is] existing problems checked pursuant to existing law and regulation and existing literature its bearing with the problems. Source of Data used in this research skripsi divided data sekunder consisted of 3 (tiga) materials punish namely : Materials punish the primary. Materials punish the sekunder. tertiary Law materials.

Permit instrument represent one of form of government decision which is at most utilized in Administration Law to influence and control the society action will follow the way of suggested by law and regulation which berlaku.Hambatan faced in acquirement of hotspot permit, after of autonomous policy area: There is no is standard permit system, integratif and comprehensive. To the number of various institution izin.Tersebarnya regulation about permit in so many law and regulation. The performing of permit only solely with a purpose to inclusion to earnings of daerah.Bagi hotspot which have a period of/to going into effect its permit or not yet owned the permit at all and also which impinge the operational  will beforehand we surati. But if after thrice us of surati organizer remain to [do] not obey, newly we bring an action against.


Keyword : Procedure, Permit, Hotspot

* Student

** Lecturer of Counsellor I, Lecturer of Faculty Of Law USU *** Lecturer of Counsellor II, Departmental Chief Punish the State Administration

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Kota Medan merupakan kota terbesar ketiga setelah Jakarta dan Surabaya Dalam suatu Kota terdapat berbagai macam hiburan seperti: permainan anak-anak, billiard, rekreasi panti pijat, tempat pemancingan, hiburan malam, atau klub

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