Daniel Sitorus, Armansyah Armansyah, Mirza Nasution



*) Daniel Sitorus

**) Armansyah,SH,M.Hum

***) Dr. Mirza Nasution,SH,M.Hum

Democracy in the post reform era in Indonesia now, every citizen has been granted freedom to share, gather, and issued an opinion that the case is a human right that is guaranteed in the Constitution 1945. Thus, the existence of political parties is a natural thing appears in a democratic country and the means for the citizens to participate in the management of state. Any democratic government, it will carry out elections because election means of implementation of sovereignity of the people. A general election is carried out by political parties as participant. Political parties are very much in Indonesia is normal because of the diversity of cultures in Indonesia, because of this the rules were formed to simplify the number of political parties throught elections. This thesis aims to determine how to actually shape the party system in Indonesia and how the legislative elections in Indonesia are carried out after a period of reform which will be presenred in this thesis.

This thesis used normative research methods by doing reseacrch on Constitution 1945, Political party act number 2 year 2011, and the act of elections, as well as other related sources.

Political party is a place for a group of citizens to distribute their political aspirations as well as a vehicle or a person aids or citizens to gain power and participate in government and fight for the interest of members,nation,and state. General election is a implementation of a form of popular sovereignity throught elections in which every person is entitled to vote and be elected. Multy Party System in Indonesia is a claim freedom in Indonesia because growth of political parties at the time of new orde was inhibited, in addition, in accordance also with the pluralistic Indonesian society.

(Keywords: Multy Party,General Election,Post Reform)


*) Student in Law Faculty of Sumatera Utara University

**) Lecture in Law Faculty of Sumatera Utara University

***) Lecture in Law Faculty of Sumatera Utara University

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