citra felani, mariati zendrato, affan mukti



Mariati Zendrato, SH, M.H*

Affan Mukti, SH, MS**

Citra Felani***

One of the natural wealth or natural resources almighty god created one that is necessary for human life is the ground. Humans live on the land and obtain food by utilizing the land. Human life can not be separated from the ground. The emergence of the legal dispute is originated from the mind of the guidance of a good land rights to the land status, priority and ownership with a hope of getting administrative settlement in accordance with applicable regulations.

Formulation of the problem in this research is how the role of the Land Office in order to resolve the land dispute mediation in Medan Land Office. How is the implementation of mediation in land disputes. What constraints in the implementation of the mediation.

The method used is empirical juridical approach. Juridical empirical, ie a study besides looking at the positive aspects of the law also look at the implementation or practice in the field in this case the approach used to analyze qualitatively about land dispute resolution mediation in Medan Land Office.

From the research that as a mediator, the Land Office of Medan has a role in helping the parties to understand each pendangan and help look for things that are important to them. Mediators facilitate the exchange of information, encourage discussion about the differences of interest, perception, interpretation of situations and problems and regulate emotional disclosure. Implementation of land dispute resolution through mediation by BPN need based on the legitimate powers by legislation. Lack of regulatory sanctions of the law affects the legal protection of land owners and the public in general, and therefore with reference to the concept of the theory of criminalization of criminal laws aimed at tackling crime for the benefit of the community and its members.





Keywords: Land Dispute Resolution

*) Dosen Pembimbing I

**) Dosen Pembimbing II

***) Mahasiswi Fakultas Hukum USU

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