nina rezkina lubis, faisal akbar Nasution, yusrin nazief



Dr.Faisal Akbar Nasution, SH., M.Hum*

Yusrin Nazief, SH., M.Hum**

Nina Rezkina Lubis***

One of the reasons of the reform is expected that the mental change and culture of bureaucracy in providing services to the public. This desire became the impetus of various circles of society to establish various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which oversees the performance of the government, such as the Indonesian Corruption Watch.

Formulation of the problem in writing of, among others: What is the status and role of the Ombudsman in the division of powers under Constitutional Law, and How the position and role of the Republic of Indonesia in realizing Ombudsmaan Good Governance in Indonesia.

In a research method known law there are two types of research is empirical legal research and legal research normatif.Penelitian empirical law is a study of the legal identification, and the effectiveness of law (rule of law, law enforcement, means or facilities, public awareness) and a comparative study of law. while the normative legal research is research that addresses the doctrines or principles of the science of law.

From the research, to protect the rights of the people of the possibility of maladministration made by the providers of public services both in the local and central, it has established an institution / community control called Ombudsman directed to receive and investigate complaints -keluhan people who are victims of clerical error (maladministration) public. With the establishment of the Ombudsman which is based on the Act it is expected to protect the rights of communities of practice such maladministration. All of them, in this case the implementation of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia kewenagan is to prevent and follow up administrative error (malaadmnistration) in an attempt to realize what is called as good governance or the implementation of good governance.





Keywords: Good Governance in Indonesia

*) Dosen Pembimbing I

**) Dosen Pembimbing II

***) Mahasiswi Fakultas Hukum USU

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