The Influence of combination Tithonia diversifolia compost and chicken manure with SP-36 fertilizer to P uptake and growth of maize on ultisol soil from labuhan batu selatan

Mohd Fadli Lubis, Fauzi Fauzi, Mohd Madjid Damanik


The aim of this research is to know the influence of a combination of T. diversifolia compost and chicken manure with SP-36 fertilizer on P Uptake and Corn Plant Growth (Zea mays L.) on Ultisol Soil Labuhan Batu Selatan. This study used Factorial Randomized Block Design (RAK) with 2 treatment factors and 3 replications. The first factor is organic material (B) consisting of 0% Organic Material (B0), 100% T. diversifolia (B1), 75% T. diversifolia + 25% Chicken manure (B2), 50% T. diversifolia + 50 % Chicken manure (B3), 25% T. diversifolia + 75% Chicken manure (B4), 100% Chicken manure(B5). The second factor is SP-36 (P) fertilizer consisting of 0 kg P2O5 / ha (P0), 50 kg P2O5 / ha (P1), 100 kg P2O5 / ha (P2), 150 kg P2O5 / ha (P3). The results of this study indicate that the application of organic matter has significant effect on P uptake, crown dry weight and root dry weight. Application of SP-36 fertilizer had significant effect on dry root weight and dry weight of canopy. The combination of oganic material with SP-36 fertilizer had significant effect on Plant P Uptake, root dry weight and dry weight of crown.Mohd

Keyword : Chicken manure, SP-36 fertilizer, Tithonia diversifolia, Ultisol

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