Study Of Texture, Organic Carbon, and Acidity of Ultisols in Several Vegetations at Gunung Datas Village Raya Kahean Sub District (Case Study: Semi Critical Land Bah Sumbu Sub Watershed)

Egiya Muspa Tarigan, Kemala Sari Lubis, Hamidah Hanum


Land use at the area of ​​Bah Sumbu Sub Watershed has intensified, causing the decrease of soil organic matter. Land area with criteria critically / semi critically at Bah Sumbu sub watershed area is 8742,949 hectares or 79,41% of the total entire Bah Sumbu Sub Watershed. This research was conducted to study texture, organic carbon and acidity of the soil  moderate critical area of land at Bah Sumbu sub Watershed, Gunung Datas , Raya Kahean Subdistrict. The research was conducted by using survey method with soil sampling randomly based on some vegetations and slopes. Soil samples was taken at each vegetation for 3-6 samples. Analyzed of soil pH with methods electrometry, soil organic matter with Walkley and Black method, and soil texture with Hydrometer Bouyoucos method. Based on the results of soil analysis of several land uses in Gunung Datas Village, ​​Bah Sumbu sub-watershed area is known that soil pH is included in very acidic to slightly acidic criteria with acidity range of 3,73 to 5,82. The C-organic content is included in very low to moderate criteria with a range of organic carbon between 0,77% to 2,02%, and the texture is dominant sandy loam soil texture.

Keywords: vegetation, texture, pH, organic carbon

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