Jenni Maria Hutapea Jenni Maria Hutapea Jenni Maria Hutapea, Mbue Kata Bangun Mbue Kata Bangun Mbue Kata Bangun, Emmy Harso Kardhinata


Maize is a staple food of rice substitution with a good fibre so that maize requirement always
mount every year. But, soil fertility supporting growth and produce the maize down
progressively with the inorganic fertilizer use. For that, required correct variety maize owning
good respon with the organic fertilizer gift. The objective of this research aim to know the
response on growth and yield some maize varieties to organik fertilizer was done in UPT
Balai Benih Induk Tanjung Selamet, Deli Serdang, Medan from April until July 2012. This
research using by Randomized Block Design with two factors. The first factor are three
varieties of maize: V1:Bisma, V2:Pioneer 12, V3:SHS 4. The second factor is organic
fertilizer by five levels: G0:(0g/plant),G1:75g/plant,G2:150g/plant,G3:NPK 8,4g and
G4:75g/plant+ NPK. Data were analyzed with Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and
continued with Tukey test.
The result showed that varieties were significantly different to parameters plant
height, wide of leaf, stem of corn and seed of corn. Organic fertilizer was significant different
to plant height, and wide of leaf. The interaction of varieties and organik fertilizer were
significant effect to seed of corn production.

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