The Effect of Media Composition and Soaking Period of Auxin on Bud Chip Technique Sugarcane Seedling

Erliandi Erliandi, Ratna Rosanty Lahay, Toga Simanungkalit


The objective of the research was obtained the appropriate of media composition and soaking
period of auxin toward growth of bud chip technique sugarcane seedling. The research was
conducted at experimental field of Tanjung Jatti Estate Binjai PTPN II (± 50 m asl.) in April – Juny
2014 using a randomized block design with two factors. The first factor was media composition
with levels: 50:50, 70:30, and 30:70 (% top soil: % blotong compost), and the second factor was
soaking period of auxin with levels: 10, 20, and 30 minutes to consentration 2 ml/L with three
replications. The result of this research showed that application of media composition was
significant effected on seedling growth percentage at 1 week after planting (WAP), plant height and
stem diameter at 6 WAP, leaf total at 4 and 6 WAP, leaf area at 8 WAP, sturdiness value, shoot/root
ratio and seedling quality index. The soaking period of auxin was significant effected on leaf area at
8 WAP and shoot/root ratio. Interaction of both was significant effected only on leaf total at 2 WAP
with M
was the highest.

Keywords: bud chip, media, auxin, sugarcane

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