Yuhelson Yuhelson, Bustami Syam, Sukaria Sinullingga, Ikhwansyah Isranuri


This study presents a case study describing reliability and availability analysis of Critical
Machine at the Rambutan Palm Oil Factory of PTP Nusantara 3. The failures data of
engineering system were analyzed by Pareto’s Diagram, and the critical machine was founded
is Screw Press. Screw Press is consist of seven critical subsystems i.e: Left & Right Handed
Worm, Bushing, Press Cylinder, Rebuild Worm, Bearing SKF 29326, Left Handed Shaft, and
Right Handed Shaft. The analysis has been done for each subsystem by computing the
characteristic of the maintenance system i.e: reliability, failure rate, mean time between failure,
availability, failure cost, preventive cost, and replacement interval time. Furthermore it can be
create the optimum scheduling of preventive maintenance. Based on analysis of reliability,
availability, failure rate, production lost cost, and maintenance cost, obtained the replacement
interval time of subsystems i.e: Left & Right Handed Worm = 76 days, Bushing = 76 day , Press
Cylinder = 95 days, Rebuild Worm = 95 days, Bearing SKF 29326 = 228 days, Left Handed
Shaft =114 days, and Right Handed Shaft = 76 days. The optimum maintenance scheduling
was modified based on replacement interval time of subsystem. Analysis of the new scheduling
shows that the reliability of Screw Press(1) can be improve from 0.4207 to 0,8259, Screw
Press(2) from 0,4024 to 0,8259, Screw Press(3) from 0,4504 to 0,8259, and Screw Press(4)
from 0,4204 to 0,8259 respectively. The availability of Screw Press(1) improved from 0,8564 to
0,9524, Screw Press(2) from 0,9201, to 0,9524, Screw Press(3) from 0,8585 to 0,9524, and
Screw Press(4) from 0,875 to 0,9524. The probability of failure frequency of Screw Press (1) is
reduced from 37 to 19, Screw Press (2) from 23 to 19, Screw Press(3) from 25 to 19, and Screw
Press(4) from 23 to 19. This study shows that the reliability and availability analysis is very
useful for deciding maintenance intervals, planning and organizing maintenance.
Keywords: Reliabilit; Availabilit; Crew pres, Scheduling.

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