Design of Mechanical Corn Sheller Equipment

Hayado Tambunan, Achwil Putra Munir, Sumono Sumono


The use of corn sheller is one of post-harvest handling to increase maize production. To support this, we need a corn sheller driven by electricity. The study was conducted with literature study and observationon corn sheller. Then design the coupling components of the equipment corn sheller. Effective capacity was115,632  kg / h. The value of the effective capacity of the equipment was larger than corn sheller driven by human power. Basic cost to be incurred in releasing corn with this tool was Rp. 78,855/kg in the 1st year, Rp. 73,474/kg in the 2nd year, Rp. 71,683/kg in the 3rd year, Rp. 70,789/kg in the 4th year, and  Rp. 70,254/kg in the 5th year. This equipment will reach break even point if it has been releasing cornat 5.645,97 kg/year. Net present value of the equipment with 6% interest rate was Rp. 127.291.705,59 which meant that the business was feasible to run. The internal rate of return was 45,02 %.

Keyword : corn, equipment design, sheller

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